Our UK Wealth Management business is part of Sanlam Ltd, the AA- rated international financial group that’s been advising and managing the wealth of private clients and companies around the world since 1918.

We’re a big company.

But big’s not simply a dimension to us, it’s a philosophy; a guiding principal if you like. At Sanlam, big is tracking the smallest movements in the stock market to protect and grow our clients’ wealth; and big is our smallest act of kindness in a time of need.

What is big?

Everyone starts out in life with big hopes and aspirations but it’s making the small steps that allows us to realise our dreams. We help people make those steps, help people to see the big picture and create a vision for the future.

At Sanlam we’re not big because we are a leading financial institution. We’re not big because of our global footprint. We’re big because for nearly 100 years we have been at the forefront of economic development of communities across our footprint and the financial and social advancement of ordinary decent people. But managing over £50 billion of client money doesn’t make us big.

For us, being big is remaining the financial services group that our clients, staff and the wider community deserves. A company that leads. A company that supports. A company that wants to make a difference.

We believe we have a duty of care; not just to our customers and employees, but to everyone. It’s for the greater good of us all.
If you want to find out more about Sanlam in the UK and what we do, email us; we’d love to talk to you.

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